Thursday, August 2, 2007


Yeah, I'm a happy camper. This summer has been hard for me. Seven-year-olds are waaay to trying.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Well, Hello stranger!

Been gone for a bit. Actually, I have been home but summer is just busy, I'll tell ya!
I did manage to take a road trip with the girls to Greensboro, AL. Just an overnighter to hang with one of my oldest friends in the world & her 2 kiddos. Went to one junk store while there & only spent 10 bucks! I mean, there were mountains of junk and I parted with $10. sad.
Haven't been doing much else.
Well, I did read the new Harry Potter book...twice actually.
All I can say is WOW! I thought it was great. I have friends who feel otherwise- but they're a bunch of NINNIES! Nuff said.
I have been working on some craftyness too. I did a pile of ATCs for a swap at ScrapInStyleTV. Pictures must be posted later (camera battery is charging right now!)
I am working on some cards too. I haven't done any of those in ages and they are so fun & easy to make. I'll try to take a few picts of them too.

That's all for now. If anyone reads this blog, I would love it if you left a comment. I'm looking for things to blog about so.....
I'm not above bribes so how bout this.... the VERY FIRST person to leave a comment on my blog with a good blogging suggestion will get a little prize from moi. Somethin-somethin hand-made AND something store bought. DEAL?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yippee- Yahoo!!

I think I am finally getting the hang of this blog BS. Check out my videos at the bottom. Yeah, I got tunes. I went to and voi-loi-- VIDEOS.
So freakin cool. I got a little Justin Timberlake -mmm-hmm I do love some JT. Well, I kept on looking & lo-and-behold there was Will Smith. Let the videos keep playing and you will see the rest. Yeah, I have a playlist. This is almost as much fun as my iPod. Now if only there was some way to get my laundry folded on my blog. That's a total bitch- the worst job in the world- putting up laundry! Let me get on it so I can play this evening. Later & peace out --aimee

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little of this & a little of that

Wow 2 posts on my blog now.
What to say.......
I keep meaning to get in my closet & work some. But it's just not happening. Maybe tonight.
Cole's unloading the dishwasher. Lu's keeping her from doing it quickly. I'm bribing both of them to get it done so and we will go to SnoBiz That's a self-serving bribe huh!?
My dog has fleas. My cat has fleas. They have both been banished from the house & are NOT digging the heat.

I got out an old deck of cards & am going to turn them into ArtCards- maybe tonight I'll work on those. I want to make a brad board too. If only I had somewhere to hang it.
Is this not the coolest thing to look at or what. I love the free flowing, no rules way it is. Mine will prob look like soldiers lined up for parade.
I'll tell you what. That Jeanette has some wicked ideas.

Well, now that I have got links & pictures figured time I'll amaze & wow you with sound! Are you game??

Saturday, June 9, 2007

i thought it was a good day

we all slept late. when we did get up, we went out to lunch. monster huge chinese buffett with sushi. the kiddos wanted sushi- who were we to argue.

then we finally went to see shrek the third. we probably laughed too hard. i think that mike & i like the shrek movies just as much as the girls.
just got done with din-din. bbq chicken outside on the deck--in the HEAT. now everyone is winding down.
i wasn't able to get crafty today, but i will tomorrow.