Monday, August 16, 2010

there were so NOT 104 days of summer vacation this year. thanks phineas.

we have already been in school a week and everyone's favorite sub has already worked 3 days. but i sure do like it over at the high school. those are some great kids. some are dorks. some are jocks. some are toooo cool. but i think i like them all.

i have been in the closet lately. working on some stuff for some challenges over at

and i did this one at for a scrapgal challenge. this month is spa day over there. every week there is a new spa/relaxing-themed challenge. this tour de france one is for last weeks about out dream vacation.

yeah- how's that! mike's big thing is cycling and i'm the one that wants to go to the tour. man he sure is lucky.
ew. the dryer just stopped....gotta run!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

today, i should have.....

#1. taken a nap

#2. mopped floors

#3. gotten crafty

#4. taken a walk

#5. bathed aubie

i didn't. instead i....

#1. read a book

#2. sat on my butt

#3. nosed around the internet

#4. ate chips for supper

#5. watched some cycling on tv

don't know yet if it was a good day or not.