Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little of this & a little of that

Wow 2 posts on my blog now.
What to say.......
I keep meaning to get in my closet & work some. But it's just not happening. Maybe tonight.
Cole's unloading the dishwasher. Lu's keeping her from doing it quickly. I'm bribing both of them to get it done so and we will go to SnoBiz That's a self-serving bribe huh!?
My dog has fleas. My cat has fleas. They have both been banished from the house & are NOT digging the heat.

I got out an old deck of cards & am going to turn them into ArtCards- maybe tonight I'll work on those. I want to make a brad board too. If only I had somewhere to hang it.
Is this not the coolest thing to look at or what. I love the free flowing, no rules way it is. Mine will prob look like soldiers lined up for parade.
I'll tell you what. That Jeanette has some wicked ideas.

Well, now that I have got links & pictures figured time I'll amaze & wow you with sound! Are you game??

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