Monday, July 27, 2009

well this IS me...i guess....

i did this page for . the challenge was a page about yourself. hhmmmm...never really sat down & just done that. i tried to be honest about it- but you never know.....i did get the trash-mouth, loud, pack-rat part right.
and i DID fix the spelling on magnificent. lucy said that i was magnificent so i just went with it.

oh dude. i got my hair cut yesterday afternoon- eekkk. it's short but prob not short enough. i'll have to play with it some more before i can decide- so NO, i am not posting a pict of it until then.

catching up on laundry today since we had company all weekend & NOTHING got done. have youever noticed how good your clothes smell when you change detergent? mmmmmmm.


Shell said...

i know, it kind of makes me a little more unique, so nobody says, "o that smells just like your house"

great LO, trash mouth as well
look forward to keeping up with you


Congrats on finishing that layout!!! Looks wonderful.
Hey you--I've known you from SIS for what a few years now? and I had no clue you had this blog!! I'm so out of touch these days--I need to get myself on SIS more often. Glad to see all is well!!

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