Wednesday, August 26, 2009

not to self: do not forget to wear a shirt.

another job interview today.
i am not fretting over it but damn, mike is.

WE picked out what i am going to were and then last night, he asked me if i had been thinking about the interview-going over it.
"remember, don't be toooo chatty. don't tell them too much- only what they ask."

i give good interview. and i told him so. he KNOWS that- maybe he just forgot.
so this morning, i woke up and just shake my head.......
last night i had a dream. i went to the interview. looked cute & all. and didn't have on a shirt.
this is ALL his fault.
but luckily in my dream i was early enough that the lady that i am interviewing with said i had some time to go home & put a shirt on.
well thank gosh.

(the worst part.....i was NOT mortified to be bopping around town sans top. ~THUD~)

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luv2scrapmilestones said...

Ok ... i just laughed out loud -- really. I hope that every thing went well and that you -- uMMM, remember to put on a really cute shirt.

Smooches sweets! And, sending you lots of good energy.