Tuesday, July 21, 2009

so- how ya doin?

my blog is now 25 months old and i have posted a grand total of like 8 times. no, i didn't count- but it's a good guess.
i have been busy getting crafty wit it lately. (sing along now--na'na'-na'na'-na'na'na'na) made a TON of cards. going to etsy them real soon!! y'all be ready.
but the best thing that i have made is this...
i swear it is my fave thing that i have made in ages. makes me happy.

oh got to run now, but i promise that i won't be a stranger if you won't!


Anonymous said...

what a fabulous photo.

JamieBoBamie said...

That page is just wayyy cool. I love the title as well as that cluster in the corner.