Wednesday, August 5, 2009


1. lucy picked this page for the catwalk --------->
stoked that someone else liked my 793,418 squares that i punched & cut!
big thanks to you lucy!
2. then i am nosing around sis and see where becca started an entire thread about my hair. holy smokes. serious blushing here- and it's BAD when i blush.
3. and to top it off i get this email from bree over at scrapping across the universe where they picked me to be on their design team.
**thud** talk about overwhelming.

oh-oh-oh and then i was in montgomery and managed to find some yo-yo makers. FINALLY. got the 1.8" one & have already gotten busy with it this morning. jury's still out on if i need any more though.

THEN went to this meeting for the city- i am on the special events committee- and it was a big thing with all the other groups there. and my committee picked me to represent them on this OTHER committee doing some christmas stuff (lighting the bridge & all)
i have to take some bridge pictures- so i'll show them to y'all so you can see what i am talking about- it's a big to-do.

just wanted to share the news. now just have to find a paying job :-P
lots to do today- sitting around and all you know. so let me get on it!


Jenneke said...

Congrats on the Catwalk and congrats on making it to the DT of SATU!!! I'm so looking forward to be with you in that team, I LOVE your work!

Greetings from Holland,


Lisa Martin said...

well my my my aren't we all that! seriously, that's great! you've been picked for good reasons!